SMSMaster V2.2.0A for the Amiga

SMSMaster will allow an Amiga user to send text messages to a GSM digital mobile phone connected to Vodafone Cellnet or Orange, using only a modem and a phoneline (mobile or fixed). (For marketing reasons Vodafone calls SMS "Vodafone Telenote").


The Amiga version currently only supports Vodafone Cellnet and Orange. The other networks will be added soon. At the current time One2One do not officially support SMS messaging sent from external networks and as such we cannot include support in our software for a service that doesnt yet exist until they standardise their protocol and officially launch the service.

Now supports 040 accerator cards.

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Urgent health warning about your Amiga's internal Batteries

Miss this one at your peril. Your Amiga's batteries are very likely leaking right now and eating away at your motherboard. This page will tell you how to clean the motherboard and how to fit and locate suppliers of the memory backup battery. Failure to catch this problem in time will cause your motherboard to be damaged beyond repair.

Apollo A1240 and A1260 Crashing on your Amiga?

This is a common fault with the A1240 accelerators and the A1260 accelerators on the Amiga 1200. This page will give you the details required to fix this problem without sending your amiga away.

Locator for Satellites for Satellite TV V1.2

Useful for Installation or positioning dishes or motorised systems. Allows locations of major satellites from many major UK cities to be found when setting up a dish. Gives the user the azimuth and elevation for the dish. Satellites serviced include Astra (SKY), Thor (1W), Hot Bird etc. Will work from any European city if user provides site Latitude and longitude.

V1.2 is a bug fix for the previous version which would only work on an SX1/CD32 setup.


This program is a superb little networking package that allows you to connect to a PC via your printer port using a standard PC laplink cable. Then you can access all data on all the drives on the pc as if they were on you amiga. You can read and write to these devices. Performance is limited to the speed of the PC and the speed of your amiga. Personally I have achieved 119K/sec on a 166mmx Pentium running win95 and a standard A1200 with 4Mb fast Ram. The software will also work under NT but is significantly slower. This compares to the Hydra ethernet card running on the same systems at around 160 -127 K/sec. This is definately a recommended piece of shareware, why pay 20UK pounds for the same software on a CD when it is here as unrestricted shareware.


Find out about proxies here and what they can do for you and your amiga. They can do more than just speed up your web access through your ISP. Included is a list of software and download sites and some excellent links. This is one way to make excellent use of your investment of an ethernet card on your Amiga. All you need is a PC with a modem and you can use its resources and cards for free from your Amiga. Click on the above title to find out more.